Infograph: Why SEO For Small Businesses?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, for business is not a new thing. It has been part of the landscape now for many years. Those who adopted early have reaped huge benefits; however there are some who have only just dipped their toe in the water and others who have let the whole SEO phenomenon simply pass them by. The fact of the matter is that SEO is playing an increasingly larger part in the day to day management of business websites.

Where does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) fit in with small businesses or SMEs? How can a small business owner make sense of the many parts? Is SEO practical or effective for small business? These are all questions I have been asked repeatedly by clients, and I am pretty sure that the same questions are on the minds of many business owners out there. With that as my motive, I am sharing this infographic (by to explain everything a business owner should know about SEO.

SEO Infographic
Why SEO For Small Business?

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